Michelle Ward

What Are Essential Oils

Essential oils can be found all around you in nature. They are volatile aromatic compounds that make up different parts of flowers, plants, trees, and fruits. Essential oils are rich with fragrance and can carry multiple uses. They have been used medically throughout history, as well as often used in food preparation and beauty treatment. I know what you’re thinking, what is a volatile aromatic compound? It sounds like a science experiment, but it is a simple breakdown of organic molecules that can rapidly change from one state to another. The benefits and uses of individual essential oils are determined by the type of aromatic compounds that are present. Thousands of aromatic compounds have been discovered to date. Their individual uses and benefits can change depending on the season, time of day, geographic location, and weather, among other factors. Educating yourself on the different types of oils and the various ways to use them is key when working through your path to wellness. Looking for a more in-depth guide to essential oils? Visit my essential oils guide page to learn more.